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If you’re looking for speedy and reliable car charging, look no further than the Bals Type 2 electric car charging cable. This Type 2 cable is compatible with the KEBA KeContact P20 wallbox and is suitable for use with a wide variety of electric and hybrid car models.

  • Quick and safe charging of your electric vehicle with up to 22kW
  • Highest Quality - made in Germany
  • 3-phase line for fast loading up to 32A
  • 5 metre length
  • Type 2 connector allows you to charge a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicle models including but not limited to: Tesla Model S, BMWi3 / i8, Smart ED, VW EGolf + EUP + Golf GTE, Mercedes Benz B-Class ED, Renault ZOE, and many more

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car charging cable is compatible with many popular electric vehicles such as: Tesla Model S, BMWi3 / i8, Smart ED, VW Egolf + EUP + Golf GTE, Mercedes Benz B-Class ED, Renault ZOE and more.The 3-phase line guarantees fast loading of up to 32A.

This cable is fully compatible with the KEBA KeContact P20 Wallbox, meaning that you can easily integrate your car charging with your Loxone Smart Home. Define charging schedules to make use of cheap energy periods (or free electricity generation if you have a PV system already installed at home).

Technical Details
  • Type 2 charging connector
  • Can be used for applications in charging mode 3 according to IEC 61851-1
  • Provides 3-phase charging up to 32A
  • Usable on all standard charging devices (EVSE systems) with Type 2 charging infrastructure
  • Number of poles: L1 + L2 + L3 + N + PE and PP + CP
  • Current: up to 32A
  • Rated operating voltage: 200 / 380-250 / 480V
  • Insulation voltage: 500V
  • Protection: IP44
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to + 50°C
  • Weight: 2900g
  • Life: 10,000 reconnect cycles without load
  • Cable Length: 5m

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